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Technology is becoming increasingly integrated with people to create new opportunities for digital representation of ourselves, such as digital passports and social distancing technologies. A Digital Twin is a dynamic digital representation of a device, process or consumer, predicting and optimizing its behavior based on IoT data collected from the real physical system. Enterprise Knowledge Graphs are AI-based semantic structured knowledge.

DIGNO provides models of individuals that can represent people in both the digital and physical space, based on IoT Data and using AI technologies to improve, foster new processes and create potential breakthroughs for Smart Cities, Smart Communities and Smart Health in what is considered a "Digital Me", one of the five emerging trends identified for Garnter as innovations for the next decade.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness for social distancing technologies, health passports, "citizen twin" and AI for the "Digital Me", encompassed by the DIGITO project scope and goals.