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05/11/2021 The deadline to propose topics is postponed to November 16

In preparation for the Call 2022 of CHIST-ERA, a consultation is open to the research ecosystem and general public to collect research topic ideas.

The type of research targeted in CHIST-ERA and the topics selection process are presented below. The topics supported by CHIST-ERA are renewed every year, to consult the list of the past topics go to

To propose a topic, please fill in the topic suggestion form here before November 16, 2021. The topic proposal must be addressed to a funding organisation in CHIST-ERA, which will assess the opportunity to promote it at the CHIST-ERA level. Do not hesitate to interact with the representative of the funding organisation (see contact list here). To prepare your proposal you can use the Word template in attachment. Moreover, two examples of past-suggested topics selected for a CHIST-ERA call are proposed. They follow the previous topic suggestion form (used until 2020).

After the selection, a feedback will be sent to all topic proposers.


Annex I: Targeted Research

The CHIST-ERA consortium has created a common funding instrument to support European research projects that engage in long-term research in the area of ICT and ICT-based sciences. Through this instrument, the national/regional funding organisations of CHIST-ERA support and join the Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder agenda. By launching joint European calls, they can support more diverse research communities, who are able to tackle the most challenging and novel research topics. Each year, CHIST-ERA launches a call for research projects in two new topics of emergent scientific importance for ICT and ICT based domains.

CHIST-ERA projects should be of a Pathfinder-like nature and contribute to the development of the European research and innovation capacity in the technology domain of the call topics. The transformative research done in CHIST-ERA should explore collaborative advanced interdisciplinary science and/or cutting-edge engineering with the potential to initiate or foster new lines of technology and help Europe grasp leadership early on in promising future and emerging ICT and ICT-based areas with potential for significant impact in the long term. The topic selection crietria are detailed in the form.


CHIST-ERA Targeted Research


Annex II: Topics Selection Process

Since 2010, CHIST-ERA is a forum for European research funding organisations to promote at the European level emerging or new research topics that can have high impact on the long term in the domain of ICT or at the interface between ICT and other domains.

Each year, the research funding organisations in CHIST-ERA and the members of the Scientific Advisory Board of CHIST-ERA propose research topics. The scientific and technological relevance of these topics are discussed by CHIST-ERA and the Scientific Advisory Board and two of them, considered as suitable for a CHIST-ERA call, are selected for the pupose of launching a call for research.

The selection of the topics follows a yearly cycle and comprises the following steps:

Action  Time
Suggestion of research topics Fall of year N
Selection of two topics Spring of year N+1
Call text preparation Spring/Summer of year N+1
Publication of the call Fall of year N+1