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The CHIST-ERA projects seminars bring together once a year the researchers involved in the ongoing projects funded by CHIST-ERA and the representatives of the research funding organisations. The main objective are to:

  • Contribute to the follow-up of the projects by the funders with the help of review experts, in addition to the writen reporting and reviewing process;
  • Promote exchanges between projects;
  • Strengthen the scientific communities working in the topics of the CHIST-ERA calls;
  • Support efforts toward new collaborative and interdisciplinary research;
  • Encourage promotion of research results and technology transfer;
  • Contribute to the long-term assessment of CHIST-ERA calls and to the shaping of CHIST-ERA in the long run

This is done through several activities:

  • Presentations of projects to representatives of other projects in the same topic, review experts and representatives of funding organisations;
  • Poster and demo networking sessions.
  • Discussion and elaboration of strategic research agendas, technology roadmaps and strategies for technology take-up.

The presentations proposed at the seminars (project presentations & topic presentations) are available here.


Year Organising partner / Location Further info
2019 UEFISCDI - Bucharest (Romania)
PS 2019
2018 ANR - Paris (France) PS 2018
2017 FNRS - Bruxelles (Belgium) PS 2017
2016 SNSF - Bern (Switzerland) PS 2016
2015 MINECO - Madrid (Spain) PS 2015
2014 TUBITAK - Istanbul (Turkey) PS 2014
2013 FNRS - Brussels (Belgium) PS 2013
2012 NCBR - Warsaw (Poland) PS 2012