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The list of the projects recommended for funding by the Call Steering Committee is available below and as attachment. The projects will be presented in detail.
Statistics about the call will be soon available.

Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NOEMS) for ICT

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
HetPIL Heterogeneously integrated piezo-electro-mechanical lasers for LiDAR and 6G cellular networks BE, CH, FR 
META-LIFI  MEMS-metasurface Based Tunable Optical Vortex Lasers for smart free - space communication FI, TR, UK
MUSICIAN MUltifunctional SIliCon Integrated NOEMS for broadband Access Networks ES, FI, FR    
NOEMIA Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Integrated Oscillator Arrays for Energy-Efficient Physical Reservoir Computing CZ, FR, LV, TW, UK
SNOW Wearable Nano-Opto-electro-mechanic Systems CH, FR, TR, UK

Foundations for Misbehaviour Detection and Mitigation Strategies in Online Social Networks and Media (OSNEM)

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
CON-NET Integrating CONtent and NETwork structure for detecting, understanding, and mitigating online misbehaviour BE, FI, IE, LU, TR
HAMISON Holistic Analysis of Organised Misinformation Activity in Social Networks CH, EE, ES, FR
iTRUST Interventions against Polarisation in Society for Trustworthy Social Media: From Diagnosis to Therapy BE, CH, ES, PL
MARTINI Malicious actors profiling and detection in Online Social Networks through Artificial Intelligence EE, ES, FR, LT, TR