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Selection Procedure

The evaluation of the proposals is performed by an international evaluation panel assessing the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the Topic
  • S/T quality
  • Implementation
  • Impact

The evaluation panel (see attachment) compiles a ranking list of the proposals. Based on this list, the call steering committee proposes projects to be funded to the national funding organisations. Final decisions are made at the national level.


The list of the projects recommended for funding by the call steering committee is available below and as attachment. The projects are presented in detail here. Statistics about the call are available as attachment.

Analog Computing for Artificial Intelligence

Acronym  Title
Countries (coord. in bold)
Analogue Intelligent chip for short and middle range Radar signal processing FI, FR, PL
Analog PRocessing of bionspired Vision Sensor for 3D reconstruction CH, ES, FR, GR
Event Driven Artificial Intelligence Hardware for Biomedical Sensors EE, FR, IE
Spiking Memristive Architectures for Learning to Learn AT, CH, ES, UK
Unsupervised spiking neural networks with analog memristive devices for edge computing CA, CH, FR, PL

Smart Distribution of Computing in Dynamic Networks

Acronym Title Countries (coord. in bold)
CONNECT COmmunicatioN-aware dyNamic Edge CompuTing FI, TR, UK
Distributed Stream Processing on Fog and Edge Systems via Transprecise Computing ES, FR, GR, RO, UK
DRUID-NET Edge Computing Resource Allocation for Dynamic Networks BE, CA, FR, GR, UK
Holistic and foundational resource allocation framework for optimized and impactful edge computing services ES, FI, FR, GR
SCORING Smart Collaborative cOmputing, caching and netwoRking paradIgm for Next Generation communication infrastructures CA, FR, TR