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The Open Science Advisory Board of CHIST-ERA consists of high-level experts working or having expertise in Open Science. This includes researchers, research administrators or policy makers. The board is involved in the shaping of the Open Science policy of CHIST-ERA. It can also be consulted to suggest further activities, e.g. support to ICT-related R & I for developing technical opportunities for Open Science, gauge the impact of the Open Science actions of CHIST-ERA and ensure complementarity with the main Eurpean and internation Open Science fora.


Andrea Cavallaro Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom
Emma Lazzeri National Research Council Italy
Isabel Bernal Spanish National Research Council Spain
Mark Robinson University of Zurich Switzerland
Mustapha Mokrane Data Archiving and Networked Services The Netherlands
Oscar Corcho Technical University of Madrid Spain
Simon Worthington Open Science Lab Germany