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Topics of Call 2018

In the Call 2018, to be published in October 2018, two new and hot topics are addressed, namely Analog computing for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Computation for Dynamic Networked Environments.

The following topic keywords are given as illustration only. The CHIST-ERA Conference 2018 in Helsinki, June 19-21, brings together scientists and CHIST-ERA representatives in order to identify and formulate promising scientific and technological challenges at the frontier of research with a view to refine the scientific content of the call. The conference is open to the research community.

Conference website:

The short topic descriptions below are provided in view of the conference. The full topic descriptions, to appear in the call text, will result from the conference.

Topic 1. Analog Computing for Artificial Intelligence

Analog computing, which was initially the mainstream approach in computing, has seen its progress outpaced by the huge investments in digital computing following Moore’s law during almost five decades. However, with the end of Moore’s law, there is room again for more varied computer architectures including analog ones. These can enable fast, energy-efficient computing for specific applications and thus become attractive again. Furthermore, the field of Artificial Intelligence, which is progressing fast, addresses signals which are intrinsically analog (image, sound, speech, proprioception, etc…) and increasingly relies on neural networks which naturally lend themselves to analog computing. In this context, analog computing becomes appealing for running Artificial Intelligence applications locally on personal devices, and more generally in an energy-efficient way, and new approaches of analog computing needs to be explored in that direction.

Application sectors: All application sectors of Artificial Intelligence, especially in portable or autonomous devices  

Keywords: Analog computing; Artificial Intelligence; neural networks; neuromorphic; low-power ICT (Information and Communication Technologies); resource-efficient ICT

Topic 2. Intelligent Computation for Dynamic Networked Environments

Novel intelligent coordination strategies are needed in the new era of computing abstractions prompted by the generation of large data volumes and by the software needs of resource-constrained and mobile devices. This trend is foreseen to exacerbate in smart environments powered by post-5G networks. Processing will have to be delegated along the network path, including current fog nodes, edge servers or cloud datacentres. Hence, the need for ubiquitous solutions that dynamically orchestrate computing tasks among these planes. The aim is to provide full context-awareness in the distribution of resources while addressing potential security and service dynamicity issues.

Application sectors: Intelligent data processing; smart cities and spaces; connected and green transportation; software engineering; software-defined networks; information-centric networks; fog, edge and cloud computing

Keywords: Computing offload; fog computing; edge computing; cloud computing; processing coordination; IoT (Internet of Things)

Anticipated Participation of Funding Organisations

The definitive list of the participating funding organisations will be published in the call text in October 2018. The table below provides indications only.

Note that the CHIST-ERA network of funding organisations is open to new members. Only funding organisations belonging to the current CHIST-ERA consortium appear in the table below. Interested researchers in countries not listed below are encouraged to contact their national funding organisation to express their interest.

Country Funding organisation Participation status Contact point
    Topic 1 Topic 2  
AT Austria FWF Confirmed not considered
BE Belgium FNRS Confirmed Confirmed 
BE Belgium FWO to be announced to be announced
BG Bulgaria BNSF Confirmed Confirmed
CA Québec (Canada) FRQNT Confirmed Confirmed
CH Switzerland SNSF Confirmed
CZ Czech Republic TACR Confirmed
EE Estonia ETAg Considered
ES Spain MINECO Considered
ES Spain IDEA Considered Considered
FI Finland AKA Confirmed
FR France ANR Considered Considered
GR Greece GSRT Confirmed
IE Ireland IRC Confirmed
IT Italy MIUR not considered not considered
LT Lithuania LMT Confirmed
LU Luxembourg FNR to be announced to be announced
LV Latvia VIAA  to be announced to be announced
NL The Netherlands NWO to be announced to be announced
PL Poland NCN Confirmed
PT Portugal FCT to be announced to be announced
RO Romania UEFISCDI Confirmed
SE Sweden VR to be announced to be announced  
SK Slovakia SAS Confirmed
TR Turkey TUBITAK Considered Considered
UK United Kingdom EPSRC not considered Confirmed