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The list of the projects recommended for funding by the Call Steering Committee is available below and as attachment. The projects will be presented in detail.
Statistics about the call will be soon available.

Security and Privacy in Decentralised and Distributed Systems (SPiDDS)

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
Di4SPDS Distributed Intelligence for Enhancing Security and Privacy of Decentralised and Distributed Systems  ES, FI, FR, TR
GRAPHS4SEC Graph Neural Networks for Robust AI/ML-driven Network Security Applications AT, ES, FR, UK 
MoDIC Modern Device Independent Cryptography CH, FR, HU, PL   
PATTERN PrivAcy-preserving disTribuTed cybERthreat aNalytics FR, LU, RO
REDONDA A Next-generation State-machine Replication Protocol for Blockchain CH, ES, FR, UK
REMINDER pRivacy-prEserving Machine LearnIng through secure managemeNt of Data’s lifecyclE in distRibuted systems AT, ES, RO, UK
TROCI Towards Resilient Operation of Critical Infrastructures - application to water and energy systems AT, IE, RO, UK
TruBrain Trustworthy Distributed Brain-inspired Systems: Theoretical Basis and Hardware Implementation CH, FR, TR, UK

Machine Learning-based Communication Systems, towards Wireless AI (WAI)

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
CHASER Channel Charting as a Service CH, FI, FR, PT
MLDR MLDR: A Machine Learning-Driven Radio Interface ES, FI, FR, PL
MUSE-COM^2 AI-enabled MUltimodal SEmantic COMmunications and COMputing CZ, FI, FR
PASSIONATE Physics-based wireless AI providing scalability and efficiency  ES, FI, FR, LU, PL