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Dynamic Detection and Forecasting of Peculiarities within Communities

Nowadays, disinformation is everywhere. On many occasions, the use of disinformation can make some citizens change their opinion...


A New Data Representation Paradigm for Fighting Dis- and Mis-information on Social Networks

Fake news, dis-, mis-, and mal-information do not appear randomly, and they serve a broader purpose of supporting specific...


Intelligent Online Hate Speech Detection Tool that is Sender Aware to Reduce Hate Transmission

Due to the advancements of technology online hate is increasingly proliferating, more specifically in areas of online...


Info-symbiotic Social Media Analytics for Human Security

As outlined in the UN Development Program the examination of human security implicates the analysis of different elements along...


The Application of Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems to Eye Tracking

AdHawk Microsystems is revolutionizing wearible eye tracking by developing a camera-free eye tracking device that replaces...


Technology-based User Support for Credibility Evaluation of Online Content

An approach will be presented how users can be supported to evaluate the credibility of online content through automatically...


Using Formal Methods for Modeling and Verification of Human Aspects in Socio Technical Systems and Networks

Formal Methods including interactive theorem proving are increasingly applied in the area of IoT and other networked systems...


Fake news as information disorders: a closed-loop model of news recommendations

Contemporary social media is polluted by the viral diffusion of low-quality and occasionally false content. More worryingly, in...


Graph Networks for Suspicious News Detection

Misinformation has always existed in society. Nowadays, the technological development and the appearance of social networks...


Media Verification (MeVer) for Misbehaviour Detection

This poster presents the expertise and areas of interest of the Media Verification (MeVer) team of CERTH. Our team has developed...


Countering the spread of misinformation through early detection based on SNA and NLP

Online Social Networks (ONS) represent the perfect place to disseminate mis- and disinformation. The anonymity and ease of sharing...


PluriProppy: Plurilingual Propaganda Identification in Social Media

Propaganda campaigns have shown to be very successful in social media, as viral messages spread efficiently across users and small...