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Submitted abstracts are listed below.

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Radio Eye: Integrated Communications and Sensing

Edge computing enables integrating computationally intensive tasks such as sensing with wireless communications. It also enables...


Towards Multimodal Monitoring of Cognitive Workload for the Development of Personalized Flight Simulator Training Applications

Recent developments in neurophysiological sensor technologies have enabled the development of wearable and portable devices, which...


Hybrid Brain Computer Interface Design Based on Eye Movements

The project focuses on design of a BCI system based on eye tracking and leading to classification of i.e. emotion state, mental...


Machine Efficiency and Control Systems on IOT

Control of production cells with their property effects and the efficiency of machine groups by the feedback of bigdata.


Value-Aware Software Engineering for Sustainable Food Systems

Technology is increasingly playing a key role in supporting the production, distribution, and managed consumption of food...


Some general considerations on sustainable ICT

This talk addresses some general questions pertaining to ICT and environmental sustainability, in particular on systemic aspects.


Passive BCIs for novel interactions

In his talk, some recent outcomes from his research on passive BCIs will be presented.


Combining BCI and Virtual Reality technologies for novel interactions

In this talk we will present our research path on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). We will evoke the great success of OpenViBE, a...


Datacenters for the Post-Moore Era

Datacenters are growing at unprecedented speeds fueled by the demand on global IT services, investments in massive data analytics...


Multimodal Data Fusion for Emotive and Perceptual Interfaces

Our goal is to develop new methods and technologies in the area of HCI and BCI that take advantage of broad range of signals...


Facilitating social inclusion using BCI and Social Robots

Though technology has increased our connectivity enormously in recent years (Skype, Zoom, speech-to-speech live translator; social...


Designing and Developing a 3D Virtual Learning Environment: History Education

The aim of this study is to develop a Three Dimensional (3D) Virtual World "History Education in a 3D Virtual World" using...