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Trustworthy and Green AutoML Framework for Zero-Touch 6G Networks

6G era is coming to address the urgent growing demand for Zettabyte or even more information exchange among billion of things...


Optimizing QoE in Live Streaming over Wireless Networks using Machine Learning Techniques

Empowered by today's rich tools for media generation and collaborative production and the convenient wireless access (e.g., WiFi...


Non-intrusive AI-enabled wireless monitoring of human activity

The detection of people's presence and activities are essential to multiple digital applications nowadays. This information...


Security in dynamically changing systems

In most distributed and decentralized networks today, such as IoT and ad hoc networks, nodes are mobile due to the use of wireless...


AI-based Signal Processing for Full-Duplex in 6G: the Alternative for Maximizing Spectrum Efficiency

Wireless communication systems are constantly evolving to enable the delivery of new services and satisfy the user’s demands...


Using Software Defined Radios for the Development of Better Deep Learning Techniques for Radio Systems

The development of Deep Learning techniques and algorithms for radio systems is currently under the spotlight, carrying the...


Towards User-centric Security and Privacy-preserving Techniques for Cloud Applications

From the Easyjet recent data breach [1], to the abuse of over than 68 million user accounts in Dropbox [2], to the recent leakage...


The Wireless Networks and Machine Learning: A match made in artificial heaven

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us and it is reforming just about every aspect of technology and everyday life...


Security & Privacy in Wireless 6G Edge/Fog Networking for Intelligent Fleet Management

Intelligent transport system (ITS) and the distribution infrastructure is rapidly emerging as an important area for reducing...


Dynamic Risk Assessment as a means to attain security and privacy in IoT ecosystems

Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled systems are steadily expanding their presence in all facets of industry and consumer lives. They...


Self-Sovereign Identity and Blockchain for Decentralized Identity Management

Proving that an entity holds specific attributes is of paramount importance to ensure data and systems security and privacy...


Towards Securing the Software-Defined Networks (SDN) using Machine Learning Techniques

Bio Dr. Anca Jurcut is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, since...