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From the Easyjet recent data breach [1], to the abuse of over than 68 million user accounts in Dropbox [2], to the recent leakage of information belonging to 700 million LinkedIn users’ information [3], we are regularly witnessing a serious problem: the inability for data owners to help themselves in cyber security breaches situations [4].
This presentation first introduces the security issues in cloud storage services and defines the security requirements. Then, Attribute Based Encryption techniques are presented as a solution to return control to data owners over their data stored in cloud storage services [4, 5]. In particular, we discuss the application of several attribute-based techniques to preserve data security and users’ privacy in cloud applications while explaining the challenges faced and the proposed enhancements [6,7,8].
We finish the presentation by an interdisciplinary discussion on the security and privacy challenges in clouds as well as a definition of some relevant research directions [9].

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