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In order to better promote the activities undertaken by its funded project and in line with Responsible Research and Innovation actions, the CHIST-ERA consortium organises in the framework of the yearly Projects Seminar a short-video contest. The goal of the submitted short-videos is to provide a general presentation aimed at the greater public of the research project and its main (planned) achievements.

A vote for best video will be organised during the Projects Seminar. All videos are displayed on the CHIST-ERA website and other communication means. The contest laureate benefits from a special feature on the CHIST-ERA website and through all communication channels.

Check out the videos from the previous editions: CHIST-ERA video contest 2022 and CHIST-ERA video contest 2021.

Short-video contest rules:

  • Maximum duration: 3 minutes
  • Scope: Explanation of the project aimed at the greater public
  • Deadline for submission: March 28, 2023

To submit your video, click here.


Advanced and novel hydrology models based on enhanced data collection, analysis, and prediction


Brain Integrated Tagging for Socially Curated Online Personalised Experiences


Energy consumption measurements and optimization in mobile networks


Intelligent Sharing of Explanation Experience by users for users


Magnetic Metasurfaces for sustainable Information and Communication technologies


Multi-disciplinary Use Cases for Convergent new Approaches to AI explainability


Social Explainable Artificial Intelligence


Social Network of Machines