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In the Call 2021, to be published in October 2021, two new and emerging research topics are addressed, namely Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NOEMS) for ICT and Foundations for Misbehaviour Detection and Mitigation Strategies in Online Social Networks and Media.

The topics descriptions below are provided as draft only. The final descriptions will result from the online CHIST-ERA Conference 2021 (week of May 24). Open to any interested scientist, the conference will bring together scientists and CHIST-ERA representatives in order to identify and formulate the most promising scientific and technological challenges.

Moreover, indications on the participating funding organisations are provided in the table below. CHIST-ERA being open to new funding partners, interested researchers from countries not listed below are encouraged to contact their national/regional funding organisation to express their interest. The definitive list of the participating funding organisations will be published in the official Call Announcement.


Topic 1. Nano-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (NOEMS) for ICT

The fast rise of optomechanics, with milestone results in fundamental physics, opened the route to novel platforms which could offer several practical implementations of new optical elements and technologies. The combination of mechanical elements and waves with photonic structures is paving the way to fast and flexible manipulation of the state of light in terms of intensity, phase, polarization and orbital angular momentum, with the prospect of ultralow power, ultrafast modulators operating at room-temperature. Generation of mechanical waves by electric means enables an extra degree of freedom to manipulate light parameters at the nanoscale. Building arrays of such elements would give rise to nano-opto-electro-mechanical metasurfaces serving as advanced physical interfaces operating at room temperature to be used in a plethora of applications in ICT.

Application sectors: Light-based ICT, low-power ICT

Keywords: Nano-opto-electro-mechanical interfaces, light manipulation, room temperature, neuromorphic computing, high frequency switch, advanced communications and radar, tunable and surface-addressable / surface-emitting nanophotonic devices, beam steering, microwave photonics...

Topic 2. Foundations for Misbehaviour Detection and Mitigation Strategies in Online Social Networks and Media

Online Social Networks and Media (OSNEMs) are computer-based technologies that enable users to create content and entertain social relationships. In recent times, OSNEMs have been dealing with a considerable growth of malicious accounts and activities, which purposely undermine the integrity of online conversations by sharing false and inflammatory information to influence the public opinion and sow conflict on social or political issues. The objective of this topic is to create a foundation on the identification of peculiar behaviours of malicious entities and create the basis for detection and mitigation strategies for misbehaviour in OSNEMs, as well as for providing societal change towards OSNEM literacy and citizen participation. This includes the detection of malicious actors (e.g. bots and trolls), the identification of low-credibility information and fake news, the users' awareness and control of misbehaviours.

Application sectors: Online social networks and media

Keywords: Online social networks and media, misbehaviour, fake news, bots, trolls, citizens, literacy

Anticipated list of participating national/regional funding organisations

Country Funding organisation Participation status Contact point 
Austria FFG

To be announced

Austria FWF Not considered
Belgium F.R.S.-FNRS Considered
Belgium FWO Considered
Bulgaria BNSF To be announced
Czech Republic TACR Considered
Estonia ETAg Considered
Finland AKA Considered
France ANR Considered
Greece GSRT Not considered
Hungary NKFIH To be announced
Ireland IRC Considered
Israel InnovationAuth Considered
Italy INFN To be announced
Italy MIUR To be announced
Latvia VIAA To be announced
Lithuania LMT Considered
Luxembourg FNR Considered
Poland NCN Considered
Portugal FCT To be announced
Québec (Canada) FRQNT Not considered
Romania UEFISCDI To be announced
Slovakia SAS Considered
Spain AEI Considered
Sweden VR To be announced
Switzerland SNSF Considered
Taiwan MOST Considered
Turkey TÜBITAK Considered
United Kingdom UKRI Considered