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14/12/2020 Thank you! Following the consultation, 3 additional topic ideas joined the list of the candidate topics for the Challenge Call of CHIST-ERA

In preparation for the Challenge call of CHIST-ERA (tentative publication date end of 2021), a consultation is open to the research ecosystem and general public to collect research topic ideas.

The so-called Challenge format of the call, the type of research targeted in CHIST-ERA and the topic full selection process are presented below.

To propose a topic, please fill in the topic suggestion form here. The topic should be proposed by November 23, 2020. The topic proposal must be addressed to a funding organisation in CHIST-ERA, which will assess the opportunity to promote it at the CHIST-ERA level. Do not hesitate to interact with the representative of the funding organisation (see contact list here). To prepare your proposal you can use the Word template in attachment (see at the bottom of the page).


Annex I: Challenge Format

A Challenge call for research proposals targets a focused scientific objective. The selected projects all share this common objective proposing different approaches. Their progress is regularly assessed during their lifetime through so-called evaluation campaigns gathering all the projects. The evaluation campaigns involve metrics and protocols implemented by the evaluation campaign organisers. The scheme combines competition among selected projects and cooperation: Data sharing and networking across projects are promoted.

Annex II: Targeted Research

CHIST-ERA targets use-inspired basic research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or at the interface between ICT and other domains. The CHIST-ERA consortium is itself supported by the European Union’s Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme. The topic should promote novel, ambitiously interdisciplinary and high-risk/high impact research with the potential to lead to significant technology breakthroughs in the long term. The full topic selection crietria are reported in the form.

CHIST-ERA - Targeted Research

Annex III: Topic Selection Process

Since 2010, CHIST-ERA is a forum for European research funding organisations to promote at the European level emerging or new research topics that can have high impact on the long term in the domain of ICT or at the interface between ICT and other domains.

Each year, the research funding organisations in CHIST-ERA and the members of the Scientific Advisory Board of CHIST-ERA propose research topics. The scientific and technological relevance of these topics are discussed by CHIST-ERA and the Scientific Advisory Board and two of them, considered as suitable for a CHIST-ERA call, are selected for the pupose of launching a call for research.

In 2021, CHIST-ERA will select the two topics of the Call 2021 and a topic for a call following the Challenge format.

The selection of the topic of the Challenge call will follow the following steps (same as for the two topics of the Call 2021). The only difference corresponds to the selection criteria that will be used and which reflect the specifics of the Challenge format:

Action  Time
Suggestion of research topics by CHIST-ERA funding organisations and Scientific Advisory Board members, based on open consultation Fall of 2020
Selection of two topics by CHIST-ERA and Scientific Advisory Board Spring of 2021
Call text preparation Spring/Summer of 2021
Publication of the call Fall of year 2021