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What is Responsible Research and Innovation?

Responsible research and innovation is an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and innovation.

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) implies that societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations, etc.) work together during the whole research and innovation process to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society.

The European commission has provided a definition for Responsible Research and Innovation, which is composed of 5 dimensions:

Responisble Research and Innovation guidelines for CHIST-ERA funded projects

  • Consult the CHIST-ERA Open Science policy;
  • Consult the list of Fair data-repositories. Please note that this listing is meant to be a living document. We would therefore appreciate any feedback you could offer on that list and suggestion you might have to complete it;
  • Prepare and submit your Data Management Plan (see Project Toolbox);
  • Disseminate research results to the whole community: CHIST-ERA can act as a relay to your communication activities;
  • Reflect on your research with regards to ethical issues (in particular with regards to privacy and data protection issues, IP protection, etc.);
  • Encourage the implication of early career researchers in your research projects;
  • Foster an inclusive research environment by providing equal opportunities to researchers of all genders and backgrounds.