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The list of the projects recommended for funding by the Call Steering Committee is available below and as attachment. The projects will be presented in detail.
Statistics about the call will be soon available.

Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions (BCI)

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
BANANA Brainsourcing for Affective Attention Estimation ES, FI, LU, PL
BITSCOPE Brain Integrated Tagging for Socially Curated Online Personalised Experiences ES, FR, IE, PL
GENESIS LeveraGing nEuromarkers for Next-gEn immerSIve Systems CH, FR, TR   
ReHaB Towards an ecologically valid symbiosis of BCI and head-mounted VR displays: focus on collaborative post-stroke neurorehabilitation CH, IL, LV, PL, SK

Towards Sustainable ICT (S-ICT)

Acronym  Title Countries (coord. in bold)
ECOMOME Energy consumption measurements and optimization in mobile networks CA, ES, FR, RO
MetaMagic Magnetic Metasurfaces for sustainable Information and Communication technologies BE, CZ, ES, UK
SAMBAS Sustainable and Adaptive Ultra-High Capacity Micro Base Station BE, FR, HU, UK
SONATA Sustainable Computing and Communication at the Edge ES, HU, TR, UK
SUNRISE Towards Sustainable ICT: Sparse Ubiquitous Networks based on Reconfigurable Intelligent SurfacEs BE, CH, IE, UK
TESLA Transient Electronics for Sustainable ICT in DigitaL Agriculture CA, CH, FI, PL, UK