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The CHIST-ERA Workshop on Open Science in Transnational Research aims at addressing the challenges concerning Open Science faced by researchers working transnationally.

The workshop is organised by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Chair of the CHIST-ERA Open Science working group, on Friday March 6, 2020, at the SNSF in Bern (Switzerland). Open Science experts and CHIST-ERA representatives will assess current practices, the status of Open Science policies in the European landscape as well as the platforms and tools that are available for researchers. The conclusions will contribute to the shaping of the Open Science policy of CHIST-ERA and related roadmap.

The preliminary agenda of the workshop can be found below.

The workshop is open to any interested person free of charge, in particular from other CHIST-ERA-like multilateral partnerships of research funders willing to promote Open Science.

Registration: Please fill in the following webform


  • Open Science experts
  • Representatives of:
    • CHIST-ERA funded research projects
    • Multilateral partnerships supporting Open Science
    • CHIST-ERA representatives

List of speakers and presentations:

Synoptic agenda:

Meeting part Content Perspective
I Challenges, potentials and perspectives of Open Science Researchers' point of view
II Policies and measures Role of research funding organisations
III Platforms, tools and funding instruments Role of CHIST-ERA and European platforms

Location: Swiss National Science Foundation, Wildhainweg 21B, 3001 Bern, Switzerland

Recommended hotels: See "Practical Info" document below

Remote connection:

The workshop plenary presentations will be live streamed. To connect, please click here and follow the instructions.

To attend one of the parallel brainstorming sessions planned at 14:00, click on the corresponding link below:

  • Session I - Open Access - policy, platforms, support
  • Session II - Open Research Data - policy, platforms, support, reproducibility
  • Session III  - Policy drafting/negotiation and Data Management Plan for CHIST-ERA


Dr. Ahmad Zein Assi
Scientific officer
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Rachel Rosa
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