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CHIST-ERA is composed of research funding organisations, mainly in Europe, working together to implement a work programme which is the purpose of a project supported by the European Innovation Council of Horizon Europe.

In this framework, the governance is detailed in a consortium agreement to which the CHIST-ERA partners are signatories.

Governance Chart

The chart below represents the relationships between all governing bodies of CHIST-ERA: The Steering Committee and the Executive Board, their Joint Secretariat, the advisory boards, the governnce of the CHIST-ERA calls, and the Coordinator of CHIST-ERA and the European Commission.

CHIST-ERA Governance

Steering Committee: Strategic Level

A strategic level, where the implementation, the content and the programmes funding decisions are made. It is the task of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of the funding partners and chaired by the Coordinator (French National Research Agency - ANR). It is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium for any issue concerning its operation and the content of its work programme, and as the arbitration body for proposals submitted by the partners, the associates, or the Executive Board (see below). It reviews progress accomplished in each workpackage, considers proposals, and decides on the actions to be undertaken. It decides on all major issues addressed during the course of the project, which affect substantially the scope, direction and content of CHIST-ERA, including questions regarding network extension, public relations, etc.

Executive Board: Operational Level

And an operational level, the Executive Board, in charge of the organisation, the promotion and the implementation of the calls for proposals (selection, funding, contracts, follow-up of the projects). The Executive Board is composed of the work package leaders, and chaired by the Coordinator (ANR). It takes operational decisions and prepares, proposes, and implements the decisions of the Steering Committee. Each work package leader is responsible for the coordination, planning, monitoring and reporting for the respective work package activities as well as the coherence of this work package with other work packages in the network. On a regular basis, the Executive Board meets to discuss the progress made and - if necessary - suggests remedial actions to the Steering Committee.

Work Packages

Scientific Advisoru Board & Open Science Advisory Board

At all levels of the project, the Steering Committee can consult the Scientific or Open Science advisory boards. They are composed of members selected by the Steering Committee, among high-level experts from leading public research institutes, industry as well as other relevant stakeholders. The Scientific Advisory Board is involved in the call topic selection and provides advice on any other strategic aspect of the programme. The Open Science Advisory Board is involved in the definition of the CHIST-ERA Open Science policy.