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13/10/2020 The CHIST-ERA Call 2019 outcomes will be published by the end of October or beginning of November
03/07/2020 The 2nd step of the CHIST-ERA Call 2019 closed on July 2. 79 proposals have been submitted, 55 for the XAI topic and 24 for the CES topic
07/05/2020 The feedbacks of the CHIST-ERA Call 2019 1st step will be sent to applicants during the second week of May
23/02/2020 The 1st step of the CHIST-ERA Call 2019 closed on February 14. 162 proposals have been submitted, 109 for the XAI topic and 53 for the CES topic
22/01/2020 The FAQ of the 1st Call 2019 webinar is now online. You can find it at the bottom of this page
13/12/2019 The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has joined the CHIST-ERA Call 2019! The FNR participates in both topics with a budget of 350 K€. The Call Announcement will be updated accordingly in the next days

CHIST-ERA is looking for transformative and highly multidisciplinary research projects. They should explore new ideas with potential for significant scientific and technical impacts in the long term. Each year, CHIST-ERA launches a call for research proposals in two new topics of emergent scientific importance (the list of past call topics is available HERE). In the Call 2019, two separate topics are addressed, namely:

Explainable Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

Novel Computational Approaches for Environmental Sustainability (CES)

The official Call Announcement is available below as attachment.

Deadline for full proposal submission: 2nd of July 2020, 17:00 CET

A two-step submission process applies. Applicants are invited to submit a short proposal and, if selected in the first step, to submit a full proposal. The submission deadline for the full proposal will be communicated together with the outcome of the first step. At both stages of the application, the coordinator prepares a joint proposal (short proposal or full proposal) for the whole consortium, using the template available below as attachment. The form is submitted using the electronic submission system, along with a financial table following the template also available below and administrative project data entered directly in the system.   

Electronic Submission System:

Besides, we provide a Partner Search Tool to find partners, by consulting the list of the so-called Expressions of Interest (EoI) and/or by submitting your own EoI.

Moreover, to receive call updates, please subscribe to the CHIST-ERA Call 2019 newsletter by clicking HERE.

Information webinars are planned on December 18, 2019, and February 5, 2020 to present the call to potential applicants (click on the corresponding date to register).

For projects selected for funding, each partner of the consortium will be funded separately by their respective national/regional research funding organisation. Therefore all national/regional regulations apply. Eligibility regulations for each funding organisation (or links to them) are given in the annex of the Call Announcement. Additionally, each principaI investigator, not just the coordinator, can contact the respective funding organisation contact point sufficiently prior to submission regarding eligibility issues.

A summary table of the countries and funding organisations participating in each topic is provided below.

Country Funding organisation Participation per call topic  Contact point 
Austria FFG Yes No
Austria FWF Yes Yes
Belgium F.R.S.-FNRS Yes Yes
Belgium FWO Yes Yes
Bulgaria BNSF Yes Yes
Czech Republic TACR Yes Yes
Estonia ETAg Yes Yes
Finland AKA Yes Yes
France ANR Yes Yes
Greece GSRT Yes Yes
Hungary NKFIH Yes Yes
Ireland IRC Yes Yes
Israel InnovationAuth Yes Yes
Italy INFN Yes No
Italy MIUR Yes Yes
Latvia VIAA Yes Yes
Lithuania LMT Yes Yes
Luxembourg FNR Yes Yes
Poland NCN Yes Yes
Portugal FCT Yes Yes
Québec (Canada) FRQNT Yes Yes
Romania UEFISCDI Yes Yes
Slovakia SAS Yes Yes
Spain AEI Yes Yes
Sweden VR Yes No
Switzerland SNSF Yes Yes
Turkey TÜBITAK Yes Yes
United Kingdom UKRI Yes No

Call Information: Anna Ardizzoni (ANR), Tel.: +33 (0) 1 7809 8084 -