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Data traffic in modern mobile networks is increasingly heterogeneous and complex with applications requesting very diverse services and permanent connectivity amongst other Quality of Service requests.
To guarantee the environment-aware usage and thus sustainability of mobile network services, future mobile networks need to support a wide range of specifications to enable service differentiation. In this context, dynamic resource allocation becomes mandatory. While the attention of the research community is presently on designing such networks, the life-cycle analysis of the envisioned solutions is largely overlooked to understand reusability, reparability and recycling in the presence of human factors. If we are unable to produce verifiable operation of the mobile communication architecture, network managers and Operations Support Systems (OSS) risk to completely lose control of their systems, and find themselves clueless face to suboptimal performance or service disruptions caused by singular events.

Our project aims at laying the foundations to closing this important gap, by providing novel design and analysis methods that allow designing and building systems for verifiable sliced network management.
A key challenge for software and protocols driven by these application requirements, relates to evaluating network traffic data and — vice versa — use modeling techniques and more sophisticated techniques, like verification of resource requirements on system models using automated reasoning to ascertain frugality aspects, like energy consumption, material or carbon footprint.
The successful execution of the project will generate first-of-their-kind reusable and recyclable models for mobile network management under a slicing paradigm, so that mobile network operators can benefit from the efficiency of zero-touch data-driven slice resource orchestration, while keeping full control over their infrastructure.
We thus address the target outcomes of the integration of energy consumption, life-cycle analysis, environment aware usage, short: sustainability, into new design and analysis methods in the very relevant context of emerging sliced mobile networks.