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he Brazilian National Council to State Funding Agencies (CONFAP) is a non-governmental organization which aims to promote the best articulation of the interest of the State agencies to support the scientific and technological research and innovation in Brazil. It was established in April 28th, 2006 and congregates the 27 State Funding Agencies (known as FAPs in Portugues) and it is an active member of the National Systems of Science, Technology, and Innovation

Based on the thought that science, technology, and innovation are essential and strategic factors for the Brazil´s development, CONFAP acts in the defense the autonomy and the regularity and effective financial execution of budget allocations of the FAPs. This articulation searches to respect and to defend the diversity of the regional and local politics of the States and the Federal District as well the decentralization, integration, and articulation of the National System of Science, Technology, and Innovation.

The CONFAP, also, searches to foster the knowledge generation, the technological development, and the expansion of the FAPs´ regular partnerships with national and international agencies which promote and incentive the ST&I development as well partnerships with the business sector.