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Question: could a consortium involve two partners from one country?

Answer: yes, the requirements concerning the partnership are:

  • at least 3 partners requesting funding from 3 different countries in the call
  • no more than 2 partners not requesting funding

So we could imagine for instance having a project with 2 Romanian partners, 1 Fr and 1 UK.  Please see the link to the projects of the Call 2010 to see examples of consortia: Finally, the applicants should keep in mind that the total requested funding by the partners of one country should not be higher than 60% of the total requested funding.


Question: as not all European countries participate in the Call 2011 we might need to find new partners in the relevant countries. How could we proceed?

Answer: the website provides with a Partner(s) Search Tool for submitting Expressions of Interest (EoI) by filling-in the following webform. All the EoI can be viewed here.


Question: are innovative devices included in the G-ICT call?

Answer: the call definitely includes devices. Nevertheless, when developments concern exclusively a specific device, what is expected is that the consortium produce evidences of the interest of this device in terms of energy efficiency, taking into account the global system inside whom this device will be imbedded. The objective being to be sure that improving the efficiency of an element will improve also the whole system efficiency.