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  • Expression of Interest

    VGTU (LT): Offering expertise in low-SWaP-C hardware, software, and firmware development for sensor applications

    Event-based imaging, neuromorphic imaging, image processing, AiTDr, robotics, RF communication networks, analog signal processing techniques, CMOS image sensors (CISs), Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs), low-SWaP sensor development

    Our research group at VGTU is comprised of a multi-faceted team with extensive experience in all aspects of low SWaP-C (Size, Weight, and Power-Cost) sensor design and development both at the integrated circuit and PCB levels of design abstraction.  Our efforts in this field have spanned pure R&D as well as the commercialization of research projects. More specifically for this project, one of our team members has extensive experience with CMOS and IR sensor design with event-based detection capabilities at each pixel with applications in AI-based automatic target recognition capabilities. Moreover, this team member has proposed neuromorphic imaging sensor architectures that coalesce both intensity measurement and event-based measurement at every pixel location reducing target detection uncertainty while reducing the sensor SWaP. Additionally, another potential member of our team has robotics experience and image compression algorithm development. Finally, an additional potential team member as extensive hardware development for sensor applications with a particular focus on RF communication design and miniaturization of sensor systems for a variety of applications. Given the above, we believe that we can be a significant contributor towards the hardware development and/or data capture for any potential partner; however, we are open to other engagement scenarios as well.