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  • Expression of Interest

    University of Seville

    Our research group has expertise in:

    - Secure digital identities: Generation of secure digital identifiers for people and devices. In the case of people, working with biometric characteristics extracted from features such as faces, vein patterns or fingerprints. In the case of devices, working with Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) and Behavioral and Physical Unclonable Functions (BPUFs).
    - Post-quantum privacy preservation: Protection of sensitive data (including imprecise data) in distributed and decentralized applications (such as blockchains) using Fuzzy Extractors, Commitments, Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Homomorphic Encryption with post-quantum cryptography.
    - Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Linking NFTs (such as EIP-4519) in blockchain technologies (particularly Ethereum) to physical assets such as IoT devices, which allow not only to secure a supply chain but also a chain of users and owners and the traceability of assets in a circular economy model.
    - The design and use of secure and trusted hardware in data acquisition applications, controllers, communication modules, IoT devices and wearables, allowing secure boot, remote attestation and sealed storage of data in memory.