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  • Expression of Interest

    University of Lausanne (UNIL) and Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV) / LNDS

    I am an MD/MSc with a strong background in human biology and neuroscience. I was also fortunate to have many international, full-time research experiences in US, Quebec, and Germany in which I learned the molecular biology techniques and the fundamentals of signal and image processing. I started learning programming since high school, using Matlab since my research internship in 2014, bash and R since the MSc, and Python during my free time after the MSc. During the last year, I have taken the two Neuromatch Academy courses on Computational Neurosciences and Deep Learning in which I learned about the topics and refined my Python skills. In the last months I have also refreshed in depth how to use Git and Github. Throughout my life, I have acquired and improved my written and verbal English communication skills to a C1 level. I am currently a researcher taking a leave (i.e. I can work full-time on the proposal) in Lausanne, Switzerland at UNIL/CHUV. I am looking forward to help design a project or help writing the proposal of and executing an already conceived project intending to innovate Open Data/Software by the development/maintenance of software tools. I can contribute with my medical knowledge and my programming, data / signal analysis to the proposal and, if needed at this stage, to write code and run tests. If project involves data from molecular biology techniques, I can also contribute with my knowledge on the nature of the data. If hopefully funded, I am looking forward to being a key partner in the execution of the project.

    I am reading actively all the documents from the current call (I am very detail-oriented and careful not to miss anything when submitting applications). I am looking forward to collaborating with you.