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  • Expression of Interest

    Suggesting policy measures to compensate for wheat price variability due to climate shocks.
    Wheat international market, Computational model, Networked distributed systems.

    The project aims at building a computational model able to give an improved understanding of how the factors affecting demand and supply of wheat impact on people’s economic conditions at regional, national and international spatial levels on a seasonal time scale. The main expected improvement of this proposal is to make the outputs of the modelling effectively usable by stakeholders and policy makers. This includes the display of price variability of wheat global market and the measure of its uncertainty for the next season as well as for the next decade. A key factor to reach this goal is to build an ICT architecture for the integration of models and data that is able to increase the standardization of environmental data approaches and storage.

    1. University "d'Annunzio", Pescara, Italy (Coordinator) / Competences in computational economics.
    2. Institute of Bioeconomy, Italian National Research Council, Florence, Italy / Competences in agro-environmental monitoring and modelling, climatology, seasonal prediction
    3. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain / Competences in: Computer sciences, ICT development, networked distributed systems.

    Competences in socio-economic behaviors. The research unit will work on the demand component of the conceptual model that is made up of four components labeled climate, crop, demand and market.

    Different from those already involved