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  • Expression of Interest

    The Institute of Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology

    Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest technical university in the Baltic States. Being one of the most dynamic centres for higher education in Lithuania, KTU is often regarded as a research and study leader in various fields. The Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI) a multidisciplinary research institute, who has built up an international reputation for quality environmental research and innovative teaching. The innovations developed by APINI are responsive to the needs of the national economy and the International research market. The institute seeks critical evaluation and innovations in its learning, teaching, research, management, and other activities, propagates innovative technologies, fosters the development of the knowledge society, and actively furthers the preparation of the national long-term development strategy. Institute of Environmental Engineering conducts research in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection. The main research areas of the Institute are:

    • Environmental performance improvement through cleaner production and pollution prevention
    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    • Chemicals management and environmental impact assessment
    • Smart city
    • Eco-design
    • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
    • Integrated waste management

    The concept of a sustainable city encompassing all the above is one of the key research areas of the Institute. It is the leader of the sustainable and smart city research group in Kaunas University of Technology (urban planning, behavioural change, new transport model shift, demand responsive transport policy development, etc.). The team of the Institute’s researchers focus on activities for creating smart sustainable city employing a cross-sectorial, transdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach, which calls for the establishment of strategic collaborations. Also, Institute of Environmental engineering participates and initiates national and international research projects, leads MSc and PhD (Double degree PhD with Bologna University) programmes in environmental engineering, organises online courses related to sustainable mobility and urban planning, professional training, LCA and sustainability assessment.


    Scientist and researchers will be involved in the project:

    - Professor Ph.D. Zaneta Stasiekiene currently works as a director at the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Zaneta has extensive experience in project management and innovations development: she was manager of 53 industrial projects and 10 complex international projects, with numerous stakeholders (governmental institutions, industry, universities, NGO, etc.). Over the past several years Professor’s work was built on diverse expertise in preventive innovation development in industry, sustainability assessment, and environmental economics, which presently are and will remain in the future as one of the important fields of scientific research. Moreover, while participating and managing science – industry and science – society projects she gained excellent people management and organisational skills and the ability to organise others to meet deadlines. Zaneta has an extensive experience in trainings for industrial top managers and representative of governmental institutions, which enables her with strong analytical and written communication skills, experience of writing briefing material and management information reports.
    Moreover, Professor Ph.D. Zaneta Stasiekiene has solid record of scholarly contributions and projects.


    - Ph.D. Irina Matijosaitiene currently works at the Data Science Institute, Saint Peter's University, NJ, USA, and Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Irina does advanced research in Data Science, Information Systems (Business Informatics), Data Mining and Computing for Insurance Analytics, Environmental sciences, Social science, Crime prevention, and Urban science. She is managing teams of data scientists while developing big-scale data, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.


    - Gabriele Zabelskyte, a second year Ph.D. Candidate at Kaunas University of Technology, in the Environmental Engineering doctoral program. Gabriele’s interest of field is Urban Ecosystems, Health risks, Urban Planning, Smart Engineering solutions. The main goal of her doctoral thesis is to create Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions for urban ecosystem services to mitigate health risk. For her research she uses top-notch methods and state-of-the-art tools to analyse the doctoral thesis research problem, such as big data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, smart solutions. Gabrielė has experience in working with ArcGIS, Python, statistics tool R, SPSS.