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  • Expression of Interest

    Explainable AI with Interactive Visualization

    I'm head of the ISOVIS research group at Linnaeus University, Sweden. Our research interests are decribed online by following this link:

    We have a broad expertise in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics with applications in text analytics, life sciences and engineering. The explanation of ML/AI models is currently a hot topic in the Information Visualization (InfoVis) community, with results showing that providing insights from ML models can lead to better predictions and improve the trustworthiness of the results.

    Our current focus on this research area is (1) methodological by providing surveys and guidance through qualitative and quantitative analyses of its literature and research community as well as (2) technical by developing Visual Analytics (VA) methods to open the black boxes of various ML/AI models.


    We wanna push forward the state-of-the-art of existing visualization approaches for XAI and have an existing collaboration with experts in cognitive psychology, human-computer interaction, and human factors at TU Vienna, Austria. Our collaborator is also interested in joining a project on the above mentioned topic.