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  • Expression of Interest

    Institute of Computer Science, Vilnius University

    Deep learning, computer vision, statistical inference, deep neural networks.
    Various research of deep learning applications and theory is considered in Institute of Computer Science. We working with medical applications, so the fundamental basis of explaining AI models is crutial interesting to us. Faculty website:

    Selected publications:

    • Bagdonavičius V., Petkevičius L. (2020). A new multiple outliers identification method in linear regression. Metrika, doi:10.1007/s00184-019-00731-8
    • Daniušis P., Juneja S., Valatka L., Petkevičius L. (preprint) (2019). Topological navigation graph. arXiv preprint arXiv: 1910.06658.
    • J. Brusokas, Petkevičius L. (2019). Numerical analysis of SLSSIM similarity on medical X-ray image domain. Proceedings of the XXIV International Master and Phd Students Conference “Information Society”


    We have plenty of research and practical experience in applying deep neural network modelling involving tools like  tensorflow, pytorch etc.
    My homepage: