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  • Expression of Interest

    DATA SCIENCE LAB. Rey Juan Carlos University.

    The Data Science Laboratory is a team of researchers and professors from different groups at University Rey Juan Carlos. Its main goal is to coordinate and foster research, education, innovation and knowledge transfer on data science and big data. The main objective of the DSLAB is to study and develop the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to guarantee the correct development of a Data Science project. It is intended, on the one hand, to study and develop new statistical techniques and of machine learning to perform Data Science. In addition, the analytical applications necessary to improve the daily practices of experts from different application domains are designed and evaluated. Regarding the topic our interests are:

    • Suspicious news detection through semantic and sentiment measures. In the past, we have proposed new similarity measures in order to compare pairs of texts capturing the graph structure. Then a conceptual graph to store information from semantic, sentiment and temporal features has been used to develop a knowledge-based framework to address the suspicious news detection issue. 
    • Detecting Emotional Evolution on Twitter.
    • Experts perception-based system to detect misinformation in websites.
    • Explainable Machine Learning methods in Data Science projects.