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  • Expression of Interest

    Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
    1. Fabrication of novel semiconductor, dielectric and conductive materials, including amorphous and transparent semiconductors, and high-k dielectric layers by means of magnetron sputtering,  ALD process or plasma techniques
    2. Optimization of electrical and optical properties of fabricated materials using Design-of-Experiments (DoE) method in order to obtain tailored properties (transparency, reflection, etc.) of obtained layers, that can be used in novel nanophotonic structures which possess tailorable and dynamically controllable spectral and angular optical properties
    3. Advanced design and modeling of semiconductor and photonic structures using in-house software development capabilities based on well-established models of electromagnetic fields interaction with matter
    4. Design, modeling and fabrication of nano-photonic multi-layer and metamaterial structures in thin- and ultra-thin regime (especially planar tunable hyperbolic metamaterials) based on novel semiconductor, dielectric, and conductive materials
    5. Integration of 2D materials (molybdenum sulfide – MoS2, and graphene) and nanocrystals (Si, SiC) for modern optoelectronic and photonic structures
    6. Research and development activities in the field of artificial-intelligence-based design and optimization of novel photonic structures, which might include neural-network-assisted inverse design
    7. Electrical (bulk properties, interface properties, contact properties, DC and high-frequency range, pulse measurements, charge-pumping) and structural characterization (surface properties, cross-section, chemical composition, and topography) of fabricated materials and multi-layer structures
    8. Design and assembly of dedicated measurement tools, power supplies, and embedded systems with the integrated optoelectronic and photonic devices; SMD assembly and reliability tests

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