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  • Expression of Interest

    Data integration, Ontology management, Smart Data Tooling

    With respect to Sustainable ICT topic, we can help make sure that the data created within the project can play together - are queriable, interpretable and explainable using a common shared language. Additionally, provided as a background knowledge, such integrated data can boost performance and efficiency of prospective AI applications.

    Knowledge-based software systems group at the Faculty of electrical engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague has 10 years-experience in applied research on ontology development, data integration and related tooling. Within the past projects in the domains of cultural heritage, aviation safety or e-government, we developed both techniques and tools to create sustainable and reliable data integration, data interpretation and data explanation scenarios. In particular, we have broad experience with the semantic web stack (RDF,OWL,SPARQL,SHACL,SWRL and related standards), tooling created on top of them (taxonomy manager TermIt, OWL comparison tool OWLDiff, SPARQL-DL query language and engine OWL2Query) and ontologies developed to support data integration scenarios.