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    Computational Intelligence Research Group

    Computational Intelligence, Granular Computing, Human-Centric Computing, Linguistic modeling, Ergonomy of interfaces, Universal thinking, Image Recognition, Classification, Decision-Making Theory, Aggregation of classifiers, Information fusion, Data analysis, Anomaly detection, Time series analysis, Optimization, Ergonomy of decision-making tools, deep learning, applications of fuzzy techniques and data science in biology, ecology, medicine, logistics, economy, etc.

    I am the leader of Computational Intelligence Research Group from Lublin University of Technology. I have experience with realization of CHIST-ERA projects and cooperation at international level. In the group we are working on widely understood Computational Intelligence models and applications to various fields of life/science/technology, etc. We are able to participate in projects in all the areas of the 2020 call: Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions (BCI), Towards Sustainable ICT (S-ICT), and CHIST-ERA Open Science Policy Statement. We are open for propositions of cooperation.
    Paweł Karczmarek