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The DISEDAN project proposes an evolutionary solution to enhance the content delivery via Internet. It focuses on research in the area of multi-criteria content source (server) selection, considering user and server contexts and requested content.

The project proposes two innovative concepts that improve the current streaming systems. The first one is a two-step server selection mechanism which allows for cooperation between Service Provider (an entity offering the content distribution service, but owning or not a network infrastructure) and End User (an entity which consumes the content) making use of innovative algorithms that consider context- and content-awareness. The second concept is a dual adaptation mechanism applicable during media session that combines the advantages of Media adaptation and content server handover in a single solution.

The proposed streaming system will be able to function as a standalone client application, without any modifications applied to the Service Provider, as long as the SP is able to provide a list of available and appropriate servers to the client. If, additionally, the SP is able to provide to the client some other additional information helpful for the initial client decision, then an optimised server selection results. Consequently, the project outlines a set of optional Provider side modifications (w.r.t. useful information and metrics provided by SP to the client) that can further optimize server selection. The design of the system takes backwards-compatibility into consideration, ensuring that both client and Service Provider side modifications work well with the other side using existing content distribution solutions.

The project aims to develop clear rules for deciding which adaptation action to perform based on the evaluated current delivery conditions. Possibilities of inferring the optimum adaptation decision by estimating network state from various client measurements will be researched. In the course of work, a prototype implementation of the DISEDAN system will be developed in (1) a form of a library allowing for easy creation of streaming clients that benefit from the introduced enhancements and (2) Multimedia Description server with advanced content source selection algorithm and extended Multimedia Description.

Call Topic: Context- and Content-Adaptive Communication Networks (C3N), Call 2012
Start date: (24 months)
Funding support: 544600 €

Project partners

  • CNRS-LaBRI University of Bordeaux - France
  • Politechnika Warszawska - Poland
  • Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti - Romania