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As a consortium of research funding organisations supported by the European Commission, CHIST-ERA is concerned by the topical issues of Open Access to Publications (OA) and Research Data (OD) with the guiding principle “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”. Indeed, any research supported via public funds should be available to the public free of charge, where possible not only to avoid triplicate payment of the same research (researchers, publications, access to publications), but also in order to improve transparency, reproducibility, visibility and democratisation of research.

Today, the research landscape is going worldwide through a restructuring of its policies with the aim to comply with a set of standards in terms of OA and OD. At the European level, this is clearly illustrated through the different strategies and directives issued at the transnational level. In particular, the Plan S, which was elaborated and signed by many stakeholders of the European Research Area, requires 100% OA without embargo. Science Europe recommends further to share research data in a Findable Accessible Interoperable Re-usable (FAIR) way, and has engaged into an effort to align OD policies between the different stakeholders of the European Research Area.

While the heterogeneity of OA and OD policies in Europe is reflected in CHIST-ERA through its funding partners, CHIST-ERA as a consortium supports the development of OA and OD. A recently established Open Science working group within CHIST-ERA is committed to elaborate a pioneering and commonly agreed OA and OD policy to be implemented in the CHIST-ERA calls.

As of Today

The applicants to CHIST-ERA calls:

Open access to publications

  • Commit, if they are selected, to deposit the publications (full text) resulting from the project into an open archive
  • Are encouraged to opt for publishing in open access journals

Open access to research data

  • Must provide, if they are selected, a Data Management Plan together with the yearly project scientific report
  • Are encouraged in that respect to adopt approaches as open as possible

The applicants must indicate in their proposal the guiding principles of their approach, the evaluation criteria encompassing some dimensions of OA and OD (including reproducibility of the results).


In preparation for the Call 2020 and following, a workshop bringing together experts in Open Science and CHIST-ERA representatives was organised to further shape the Open Science policy of CHIST-ERA.

Information on Open Science policy of CHIST-ERA:

  • Open Access to Publications is, by definition, the fact of making research publications available to third parties free of charge.
  • Open Access to Research Data is defined as the access, free of charge, through sharing on specific data repositories, of research data. The latter consist of the evidence that underpins the answer to the research question, and can be used to validate findings regardless of its form (e.g. print, digital or physical).