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CHIST-ERA is pleased to pre-announce the Call ORD, to be published by the end of July or beginning of August 2022. The call targets R&D projects in the following topic:

  • Open & Re-usable Research Data & Software (ORD)

This call tackles the challenge of open research data and software from the perspective of their possible reuse. The objective is to create the conditions for research in any domain based on open or shared data and software.

While CHIST-ERA is primarily focused on ICT, this call addresses any research domain: Within, at the interface or outside ICT.

The challenges and promising research and development directions of the call topic were identified following an online workshop bringing together researchers from across a range of research communities and countries and Open Science experts and consultation of the Open Science Advisory Board of CHIST-ERA.

The present Call ORD Pre-announcement (see attachment) gives an overview of the themes that have emerged as well as the tentative list of participating countries.

To help applicants finding partners, a Partner Search Tool is provided. Moreover, to receive call updates, subscribe to the CHIST-ERA Call ORD newsletter.

Please note that this Pre-announcement is for information purposes only. It does not create any obligation for the CHIST-ERA consortium nor for any of the participating funding organisations. The official Call Announcement, to be published later, shall prevail.