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In August 2019, CHIST-ERA has invited 10 new research projects for grant preparation for a total budget of 9 M€. Five projects fall in the analog computing for AI domain and five others in the computing in dynamic networks one.

The success rate of the call reaches 16.1%.

The projects selection follows the Call 2018 competition launched end of 2018 by CHIST-ERA, a European network of research funders. The researchers were invited to propose projects in two topics of emergent scientific importance for potentially high impact new information and communication technologies:

  • Analog Computing for Artificial Intelligence (ACAI)
  • Smart Distribution of Computing in Dynamic Networks (SDCDN)

18 countries members of CHIST-ERA joined the call, 17 in Europe plus Québec in Canada. Building on this collaboration, the selected projects are all transnational with at least three research groups from three different countries. The transnational networking will be further supported through a yearly seminar bringing together the funded projects.

The selected projects can be seen at Full press release and statistics on the call are available as attachment.