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Potential applicants have the possibility to book one-to-one online meetings with other potential applicants. The platform used is b2match:

  1. Create your profile at the platform website: Introduce yourself, your organisation, your interest in the call and possibly preliminary ideas on a project proposal;
  2. Check other participants' profile and invite prospective partners to join a one-to-one online meeting.

This online networking event spans from October 3 to October 17.

Note 1: To create your profile:

  • Fill-in the contact information requested when registering to the platform;
  • And add a 'market opportunity' to present your expertise and views on the call.

Note 2: This online networking event is divided into several sessions programmed from October 3 to October 17. In order to maximise your meeting opportunities, we encourage you to declare yourself as available for as many sessions as possible.