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This webform has been created to allow international scientific experts to apply either as evaluator for the Call 2020 (topics BCI and S-ICT) or for the Call Open Research Data. Please find the description of the topics for the Call 2020 here and for the Call Open Research Data here. If you are interested in applying in, please complete the form below.

Note: Panel members cannot be part of a proposal submitted to the call topic of the panel.

Within CHIST-ERA, fundamental principles of good research practice and peer-review are essential for research integrity.
As a panel member you would be called upon to:
- Attend the panel meeting
- Act as rapporteur or co-rapporteur for a few proposals: Validation of conflicts of interest and assignments, evaluation and ranking, suggestions of external experts for proposals, establishment of the ranking list,finalisation of consensus reports during the panel meeting.
As an external expert you will be called upon to:
- Evaluate one or more proposals.


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