University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

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University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Guntis Barzdins
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We are the leading research institution in Latvia in the area of computational linguistics. For the last 10 years, we have been actively working at various levels and aspects of natural language processing:

  • Morphological tagging and dependency parsing
  • Named entity recognition and linking, and co-reference resolution
  • Semantic parsing and information extraction
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Rule-based and statistical machine translation
  • Controlled natural language for knowledge representation, question answering and text-to-scene generation
  • Development of annotated language resources (text and speech corpora and lexicons)


Other main research areas of the institute are:

  • Languages and tools for complex system modelling
  • Graph theory and visual information processing
  • Semantic technologies
  • Bioinformatics
  • Real time systems
  • Mathematical foundations of computer science


In a potential CHIST-ERA project we would be particularly interested in grounding frame semantics, e.g. in terms of FrameNet-based semantic role labelling.
We would be also interested in relating frame semantics to scene-to-text and text-to-scene generation (recognising semantic frames in a video / interpreting a textual description as a 3D animation or instructions for a robot).

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