Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS)  is a national institution which undertakes scientific research in Slovakia as an autonomous non-university research institution established under law which is primarily funded from public finances. The perspectives gained from research undertaken at the SAS are based on evidence and are qualitatively comparable to research undertaken abroad. Its aim is to undertake basic research in the natural, technical, medical and social sciences as well as in the humanities in areas which are innovative, demanding in terms of personnel and research infrastructure, and which develop innovative technology and diagnostics. Its primary purpose is to enhance knowledge for the development of Slovakia and its citizens. The SAS is an institution which has great potential to develop Slovakia’s economy, technology sector, society and security. With these interests in mind, the academy cooperates with non-academic entities in the public and private sectors, providing them with scientific information to help in solving problems and development tasks.

Associate in CHIST-ERA II


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