PS2016 Programme & Concept

The core program of the Projects Seminar is divided into 2 days; see the program below.

  • Day 1 (Thursday, April 28): Per Topic
    - Parallel Sessions with topic-specific presentations, discussions and preparation of the plenary presentation
    - Plenary Demo & Poster Session
  • Day 2 (Friday, April 29): Cross Topics
    - Plenary Sessions with one joint presentation per topic




This year's CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar covers all the topics of the ongoing CHIST-ERA projects supported since the Call 2011.

Topics Call Id
From Data to New Knowledge Call 2011
Green ICT, towards Zero-Power ICT
Intelligent User Interfaces Call 2012
Context- and Content-Adaptive Communication Networks
Adaptive Machines in Complex Environments Call 2013
Heterogeneous Distributed Computing
Resilient Trustworthy Cyber-Physical systems Call 2014
Human Language Understanding: Grounding Language Learning


Parallel Sessions

The parallel sessions are organized by topics or groups of topics to foster exchange of ideas and collaborations among CHIST-ERA projects in the same topic. The final goal is to compile a joint presentation for the Plenary Session.

  • Parallel Session I: Presentation of each project in the group; see detailed instructions for presentations in Parallel Session I below.
  • Parallel Session II: Following Session I and the Demo & Poster Session, delegates discuss about past and future challenges, future needs, possible synergies, roadmaps, etc., in their topic.
  • Parallel Session III: Preparation of the joint plenary presentation summarizing the outcome of Sessions I & II.

The delegates will be guided through the parallel sessions by representatives of the funding organizations.

Plenary Demo & Poster Session

After the formal project presentations in Parallel Session I, there will be an interactive demo & poster session. This is an opportunity for delegates to explain or discover ongoing CHIST-ERA projects from a more practical point of view. Further detailed instructions are provided below.

Plenary Session

There will be one joint presentation per topic, prepared during Parallel Session III, about the big picture of the major achievements and upcoming challenges in each topic; see the detailed instructions for presentations in the Plenary Session below.

Instructions for presentations in Parallel Session I

The contents of the presentations of each project (about 15 min), to be prepared in advance, include
  - Scientific background
  - Key challenges and potential impact of the project
  - Presentation of each partner of the consortium with their specificity and added value
  - Main scientific results, dissemination and other output
  - Sustainability/Valorisation

Instructions for presenters of a demo or a poster

Delegates are encouraged to prepare an interactive demo in relation with their project. The demos will be presented in one room and in parallel during the Plenary Demo & Poster Session; see the program. Those who would like to present a demo are kindly requested to inform the seminar organizers via the registration form. Power supply and desks will be available, but delegates need to bring their own hardware (laptops, data storage, etc.). Please contact the seminar organizers if you have any further questions or needs. The projects which are not ready to present a demo can bring a poster instead, which will be displayed in the room where the demo session takes place. Posters accompanying demos are welcome as well.

Instructions for presentations in the Plenary Session

There will be one joint presentation for each topic (up to 20 min), prepared during Parallel Session III. The contents shall cover
  - a short introduction into the topic or the projects
  - the big picture of the major achievements and output
  - upcoming challenges and needs
  - a possible roadmap
Delegates are encouraged to prepare or think about possible contents for the joint plenary presentation in advance.

Project meetings

A few meeting rooms equipped with a beamer are available for project consortium meetings prior to or after the seminar. If you wish to organize such a meeting, please contact or inform the seminar organizers via the registration form.

Networking Dinner

A networking dinner will take place at the Kursaal Bern on the evening of Thursday 28 from 18h30 till 22h00, see the practical information.



April 27

April 28

April 29




Room 21


Room 21



Presentation of CHIST-ERA

Room 21

Plenary presentations I

Room 21



Break-out session I

Project presentations and discussions








Coffee break



Coffee break

Plenary presentations II

Room 21



Demo & poster session

Room 56






CHIST-ERA Steering Committee Meeting*

Room 56 

Optional project meetings 

Lunch break

Demo & poster session continues

Lunch break

End of day 2, end of meeting



Break-out session II

Discussion about the past and future challenges each topic

General discussion & conclusion 

Follow-up expert group meeting*




Coffee break


Break-out session III

Preparation of the presentations for Friday morning








End of day 0

Networking dinner at Kursaal




End of day 1


* For research funding organizations and review experts only.
† Please contact us if you would like to reserve a meeting room. Available space is limited.