Projects Seminar 2019 Feedback Form

Please use the following feedback form to provide your opinion on the achievements of the seminar, its organisation, and make suggestions for next year's seminar.

Responder information

Has the seminar contributed to your understanding of the CHIST-ERA framework (EC FET programme, national/regional funding...) and the project follow-up process (yearly report & seminar, review...)? How this information sharing could be improved?

If you are a project representative: Were the guidelines for preparing your project presentation clear? Did you have enough opportunities to exchange with the funders representatives?
If you are a funder representative or a review expert: Were the project presentations and reports clear and fulfilling your expectations? Did you have enough opportunities to exchange with the project representatives?
In general, what could you suggest to better foster exchanges between participants categories?

What is your general impression about the topic parallel sessions? Was it useful for yourself? How went the discussions? Did you exchanged on project management and communication issues? How did you find the presentations in the plenary session? What could you suggest to improve this sequence?

Please comment on the logistics and organisation of the seminar (registration website, venue, networking dinner, atmosphere...). What are your suggestions for next year's seminar?

Ideas for Projects Seminar 2020

Would a specific session on project management and/or communication be useful? In plenary or only for the projects at an early stage?

In the same way of the Open Science session, would other sessions to raise awareness on specific research policy (Responsible Research and Innovation, industry involvement...) issues be of interest? What is your suggestion?

Would you be interested in involving research results valorisation and innovation experts in the seminar? Would such an action to facilitate the exploitation of the research results be valuable? Do not hesitate to suggest alternate means to achieve this goal where CHIST-ERA can be of help

At the end of each call topic (when the projects are finished), CHIST-ERA produces a so-called topic policy paper aiming at identifiying possible follow-up opportunities for the topic, especially in Horizon 2020/Europe. One of the purposes of the topic joint presentation is to contribute to this objective. Would it make sense to have a more flexible approach with regard to the topic parallel session programme, depending on the topic ? Would you be interested in co-constructing the programme of your topic session with the other projects of your topic and CHIST-ERA?

Seminar and beyond

The projects seminar is an important component of the funded projects support proposed by CHIST-ERA. Additional supports can be envisaged apart from the seminar (for instance webpages dedicated to your topic at, facilitation of topic master class organisation, communication about your success stories...). Please share with us your suggestions and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them

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