Projects Seminar 2016 - Feedback Form

Please use the following feedback form to provide your opinion on the achievements of the seminar, its organisation, and make suggestions for next year's seminar.

As a reminder, the objectives of the seminar were to:

  • Remind the project partners of the CHIST-ERA Follow-up objectives and process and more generally about the expectations of the funders
  • Gather impression about the funded projects, meet in person and listen to the researchers presenting their projects
  • Strengthen the scientific communities related to the topics of the CHIST-ERA calls and support effort toward interdisciplinary research
Participant information
Please comment on whether the seminar contributed to your understanding of the CHIST-ERA framework (EC FET programme, national funding...), the follow-up process (yearly report & seminar, review...), the funders' strategic expectations (why this topic, this type of research, why transnational projects...). How this information sharing could be improved?
Please comment on whether the guidelines for preparing your presentation were clear, if you had enough opportunities to exchange with the funders' representatives, if the presentations and reports were clear and fulfilled your expectations, if you had enough opportunities to exchange with the project representatives, if the expectations of the funders were clear. How to better foster exchanges between participant groups?
Please comment on whether you had enough opportunities to exchange with other projects (on project management issues and/or scientific discussions). Within your topic and/or outside?
Please comment on the sessions about strategic analysis (identification of challenges and needs, elaboration of roadmaps, etc.). What is your general impression, was it useful for yourself? How went the discussions in the parallel sessions? How did you find the presentations in the plenary session? Do you have proposals for improvement?
Please comment on the logistics and organisation of the seminar (registration website, venue, networking dinner, atmosphere...). What are your suggestions for next year's seminar?
Feel free to add comments not fitting in the above topics, i.e.: Will you aim at joining the next seminar with other representatives of your project (possibly to hold a project meeting)? How to make the seminar's format more attractive?
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