CHIST-ERA involves all four types of ERA-NET activities:

  1. Information exchange;
  2. Definition and preparation of joint activities;
  3. Implementation of joint activities;
  4. Last but not least, funding of joint transnational research actions.


ICST play a key role in the European economy and for the society. In this context CHIST-ERA targets a domain covering the whole scope of transformative/exploratory research activities in ICST that through the initiatives and actions of the ERA-NET may initiate and lead to a range of exceptional and unprecedented outcomes. CHIST-ERA aims at leveraging/completing the national strategies and the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme of the European Union.

Within CHIST-ERA, the partner agencies identify emergent scientific fields allowing European researchers to engage in high risk, high impact projects that will bring some advance in science by launching each year a transnational call for proposals addressing two hot ICST topics. The text of the CHIST-ERA calls are defined and then published within six months after the topic selection based on the research community expertise and long-term vision to maintain a high level of relevance of the calls in very competitive evolving areas which need reactivity. The focus is long-term transformational research. In addition CHIST-ERA follow the funded projects in organising a yearly CHIST-ERA projects seminar where projects present their goals and achievements to the research community and CHIST-ERA partners.

The timeline from the selection of the topics of the call of year N to the follow-up of the funded projects is presented below.

Action Timeline
Call preparation  
Selection of topics and associated keywords/examples
Fall of year N-1
Agreement on selection procedure & refinement of the scientific text of the call (CHIST-ERA Conference of year N)
Spring of year N
Publication of the call Fall of year N
Project selection
Deadline for submitting proposals Winter of year N+1
Selection of proposals
Spring of year N+1
Project follow-up
Follow-up: presentation of objectives and achievments at the CHIST-ERA conferences Spring of year N+2, N+3, N+4