Polish National Centre for Research and Development

The Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) is a Polish government-funded agency. It fulfils its mission mainly by funding and managing strategic scientific research and experimental developmental programmes. NCBiR was established in July 2007. The Centre is responsible for specifying research tasks, selecting on a competitive basis, organizations (companies, research institutes, universities) to perform these tasks, supervising their implementation and introduction of their results into practical application. The key assumption is that the outcome of strategic programmes, e.g. new technologies or products – shall be implemented and used in economy, health service, administration and other areas crucial for Polish society. The Centre’s tasks include thus also: supporting commercialization and other forms of transferring the results of scientific research to the economy; supporting the development of the research staff and implementation of international mobility programmes for scientists. NCBiR is presently involved in over 20 ERA-NETs projects.

Full Partner in CHIST-ERA I
Full Partner in CHIST-ERA II


Michal Chomczyk