Koc University, Istanbul

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Koc University
Deniz Yuret
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Associate Professor of Computer Engineering
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Deniz Yuret has worked on word embeddings [1] [7] [11] [12] [13], lexical semantics [2] [22], language modeling [3] [4] [21], word sense induction and disambiguation [9] [18] [24], supervised and unsupervised parsing [10] [23] [26], phrase based machine translation [14] [15] [16] [17], syntactic and morphological disambiguation [19] [20] [25], and has done some preliminary work on connecting language to images [5] [8], and vision to language [6].  He was a partner in the Bologna Translation EU project.

Aylin Kuntay is an expert on Language and Communication Development of Infants & Preschool Children.

Yucel Yemez has worked on Multicamera motion capture, 3D object modeling and tracking, Object Recognition via deep learning, 3D geometry modeling, 3D shape correspondence, 3D content-based object retrieval, Multimodal Signal Processing for Human-Machine Interface, Audio-driven body/face motion analysis and synthesis, and 3D reconstruction from depth/rgb video.

Human Language Understanding: Grounding Language Learning