Flash Survey for 27-28/01/2020 CHIST-ERA Meeting

In preparation for the forthcoming CHIST-ERA meeting next January 27-28 in Prague, please fill in the form below (if you encounter difficulties to submit, try without special characters).

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Follow-up of selected projects
We have observed that the contracting of the selected projects suffers in some cases of delays impacting the quality of the collaboration within the projects. It opened up a more general reflection on how to better support the collaboration of projects whose funding depend on multiple and (almost) independent sources. We will discuss at the meeting possible renewed information channels and coordination mechanisms.
Call evaluation process
Initially CHIST-ERA relied on a 1-step process. With the Cofund mechanism we moved to the 2-step process. Beyond the Call 2019 there will not be any obligation to stick to the 2-step process anymore. What should we aim at for the Calls 2020+? What do you think about the two following options? Option 1: We go back to the 1-step process: We save evaluation time to reallocate it on other tasks of greater strategic value. Option 2: We test a 2-step process with an interview as second step modality: We acknowledge that proposals, prepared by an emerging community, would benefit from the second step for their quality to be improved. We also acknowledge that interviewing the PI may be of great help to obtain a quality ranking of the projects.
"Challenge" call
In line with the WP 10 of CHIST-ERA IV we are exploring the possibility to add a “Challenge” call to CHIST-ERA. In 2021 ? In this scheme, the call targets a very focused objective. The selected projects all share this common objective. Their progresses toward this objective is assessed every year through an evaluation campaign gathering all the projects and involving metrics and protocols implemented by the evaluation campaign organisers. The scheme combines competition among selected projects and cooperation: Data sharing and networking across projects are promoted. Horizon 2020 launched such an initiative in 2019 in the field of robotics: https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic-details/ict-09-2019-2020. This may represent the opportunity for CHIST-ERA to engage into new activities. In particular for funding organisations able to fund applied research. This may also represents a follow-up opportunity for topics funded in past calls. The Challenge call would not replace one of the topics of the regular call of CHIST-ERA, it would be an additional call.
Sustainable Development Goals
I would like to propose to open the discussion about the potential implications of the growing interest in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Has your funding organisation integrated in some way or another in its processes? Would it be valuable for CHIST-ERA to dedicate some time to think about possible implications of the SDGs for CHIST-ERA?