Early skin cancer detection

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SC Stima Soft SRL
Aura Dontu
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Skin cancer diagnosis, computing specialist, experience in dermoscopy.

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  • University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" is an entity of higher education academic which has developed vast research projects in dermato-oncology.
  • SC Stima Soft SRL company provides its customers, both local and international, software solutions covering their specific requirements at a high level of quality. 

The Romanian team will consist of dermatologists, pathologists and software-IT specialists with expertise in diagnosis of skin cancer and telemedicine as well.


Within this project we intend to build a system for prevention and early diagnosis in skin cancer. The system is aimed especially at but not limited to family doctors practicing in areas where dermatological diagnostic possibilities are reduced due to the fact that dermatological practitioners are at great distances from potential patients. This project is mainly addressed four stakeholder groups: general practitioners (GPs), dermatologists, patients and public health policy makers. According to the overall objectives of this thematic area, we believe this project will stimulate multidisciplinary research (medical and engineering) for improving the quality of life. It will promote mechanisms of governance for improving public health, health information and health systems performance by helping doctors prioritize patients according to the severity of the disease and to schedule patients such that their management is optimal. It will provide methods for facilitating access to medical monitoring and expert medical diagnosis in poor rural areas.

skin cancer, dermoscopic mobile application

Interested partners from France and Turkey.

Explainable Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence